Statins and hemorrhagic stroke

We now have a study at our disposal that answers the question of the relationship between statins and the risk of hemorrhagic stroke and

📉What kind of research?
Meta-analysis, 19 studies, involved patients with a history of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular events taking statins. A total of 35842 patients included

💡What is shown?
✅Statin use was not significantly associated with the risk of hemorrhagic stroke
✅ The risk of developing ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack was significantly lower in those who took statins

🤔 Nuances?
A group of patients with a history of hemorrhagic stroke. It did not reach statistical significance, but showed a tendency for a higher risk of recurrent hemorrhagic stroke in patients taking statins. It should be borne in mind that ischemic events (which statins prevent) are much more common than hemorrhagic stroke. Therefore, stopping statins and losing protection against ischemic events may be more dangerous than statins in patients with risk factors for hemorrhagic stroke. But nevertheless, these data are a reason to consider patients with a history of hemorrhagic stroke as a separate population and to approach statin prescription in them carefully.

➡️What are the general findings of the study?
The benefits of statin therapy significantly outweigh the risk of hemorrhagic stroke

✊🏼According to the available data, the study was not sponsored by companies.

The full text of the article will answer all questions in more detail, we will wait

🔗The results were presented on the website of the American Academy of Neurology, Abstract S9.010; analysis of results on MedScape Cardiology